2020 Butter Bar XR 4'4"

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For the 2020 Butter Bar XR Wakesurf Board, Slingshot took their standard Butter Bar skim style board and added XR Carbon reinforcement for a stiffer platform that excels for beginners and advanced riders alike.

The 2020 Slingshot Butter Bar XR Wakesurf Board is everything that people loved about the original Butter Bar skim board, just better thanks to its full carbon matrix overlay that makes for a stiffer, more reactive board. Consider the Butter Board XR Board a turbo version of the already quick Butter Bar. For those that seek the ultimate in performance, Slingshot XR Series is redefining how a skim style wakesurf board should ride thanks to their high-tech surf construction.

Slingshot's best and only skim style shape, the Butter Bar is a playful ride that will have you spinning in circles in excitement. The lower volume makes it less buoyant than most skim style boards, giving it a reactive feel on the water. Like any skim style board, the Butter Bar is best suited for those that seek a slippery, playful ride that wakesurfers find easier for spins and other various tricks.

The pin tail design allows the board to be rode both regular and switch so spin to win and ride it out no matter what direction of the board is facing the boat. A flat, wide belly on the board lets it quickly accelerate and carry speed to get into the pocket of the wave and stay there. Its double concave hull makes for quick edge to edge transitions. Dual cupped rail channels give the board good hold and grip while still breaking the board free easily for skim tricks. Its customizable three fin configuration gives you versatility in how you set up your Butter Bar. Ride with a single tail fin for the most skim feel or ride with all three for more grip and hold.

2020 Slingshot Butter Bar XR Features

  • Full Carbon Matrix Overlay
  • Pin Tail Skim Design
  • Full EVA Deck Traction Pad
  • Double Concave Hull
  • Dual Cupped Rail Channels
  • Mild Nose Rocker
  • Three 2" Symmetrical G10 Fins