At RIDEART, we are passionate about, Technology, Creativity & the Elements but especially when we can combine all three & use the best products & tech to ride, play and creativity muck about in the elements, that's when we are really at our happiest! 

Our Online store is designed to be a dream collection of top-notch specialist kit for you to just go get out there & create your own RIDEART.


  • It's our mission to provide a better statement than this, but for now, this will have to do. 


Well...For over 19 yrs we have been riding all sorts of kite and wake artefacts. HOWEVER in the last 11 yrs we have been specifically crashing a full menagerie of Slingshot kit, weekend in weekend out. In that time it's fair to say, we have ridden a good cross-selection of the range throughout those years, from kites to surf, foil & freestyle to cable wakeboard kit & clobber. (We have "mullet-style" photos to prove it).

There is often just too much choice out there and you don't know what to choose! It's our aim to help you through any "analysis paralysis", if you need us that is.... you probably know exactly what you want?!  After you choose your Ride we just want you to go get out there, where you can perfect your Art and master your craft. 

We are NOT looking to flood our site with tons of brands, but JUST specialise in the provision of what we know about or ride, which means Slingshot related products. Through this approach we aim to provide relatable experiences or knowledge of the kit we sell, allowing you to get honest advice on the shizzle you're interested in splashing your hard-earned moo-lar on, or brass if ya from Yorkshire like. 

Aside from that we just want to create a site to encourage and grow a team of passionate riders, where we can help & supply appropriate kit and inspire people to get on the water to ultimately have a darn good time.... there's only one kind of board meeting we think is important in life. 

Many thanks, especially if you're still awake at this point...