At RIDEART, we love a bit of creative random & arty-chit-chat..but we do wonder at times (most of the time), if anyone else knows what on earth we are on about, so just in case and to clarify what we mean, we have list of some terms & descriptions we've used....mmm nice. 

Fancy Levitating On clouds of Marshmallows = Best description of foiling we can give at the minute, even slashing through deep powder on a snowboard is not as floaty. (Go with it, just humour us, once you try it, you'll probably be stuck for a description too). 

A Magic Ironing Board = A Foil Board (well... aside from the flamingo wipe clean cover on top, its very similar isn't it.). 

I need a natter = I just want to talk about what I'm after, not via a stupid form. Fair doo's!

Go NOSEPRESS the duckpoo off the rails = If you ride rails, you'll know exactly what it's like to be the first rider off the doc, first thing in the morning. Repeated "hard carve slashy washes" are never enough to wash it off, its like ducks have the ability to weld it on, do they eat gravel & superglue?? Who knows.. Everyone loves a gritty nosepress!.... thhffffffewwthhhhh..... yuck! 

To The Bolts = Landed perfectly (Common term, not ours, not guilty.)

ARTYplank = A New Board, (well let's face it's art you can ride, made from a sustainably sourced plank of wood typically!). 

TINK'IN" Rails = Smacking / hitting rails, esp metal ones (very onomatopoeic don't you know..."tink" the sound of light object striking a resonant metal).

That's Better than CHRIMBO, with JELLYFish Flavoured Sprouts = In our minds this really takes some beating,(a classic dish in our circles). 

AQUA-Tennis: Two people on SUPS (hitting an imaginary ball, (not a real one) with paddles, whilst making the sound manually for every hit) We have a video to prove it somewhere, although no TV rights conversations have taken place...... yet. (we do not endorse such behaviour publically)

Anyway, that's about as clear as a muddy puddle. Not sure if this has made things better or worse...

Many thanks




Any other interpretation of the terms, words & descriptions listed above are not the views of RIDEART or Lensnectar Aerofilm Ltd.