RIDEART 1ST RIDES: The SST v5: So...Intended use: Wave Riding, FreeRide & Foiling, according to the glossy pamphlet!.. but what's it like in the UK in some decent wind? We spent a solid 4hr+ session on an 8m riding strapless in some nice solid waves, combo'd up with the Sentinel Bar. First thing you notice is how light on the bar the kite is and how agile it is in the turn. What's crazy is the power this thing can deliver as it noticeably sits deeper in the wind window, then when you want the wave to do all the work, just sheet it out & "dump the grunt"!! Once depowered it just drifts downwind just on the luff point, so you don't start to overtake it, before you then power-up again & go get your next slab. It also lets you choose if you want constant power through the turn or not, depending on how much you pull on bar. It really can whip you through the turn if you want it to, and can be very RPM'esk when you cranked it to hit a wave. For a wave kite it's got a fairly decent about of float for strapless freestyle, although if its float you want you may want to consider the Raptor, which we are looking forward to testing soon. We have not tried the SST v5 with a foil yet, but on paper it should be a dream... power on tap with a MASSIVE progressive kill-switch...sounds like a perfect combo! Overall: What a kite, genuinely what a silky smooth power on tap, power-dumping machine this is.. Hugh power & depower capability when you want it, a nicely put together bit of kit, super durable construction as always from Slingy & one of the best looking flying LILO's we have seen for a while too...stunning colourways. #flyingART#chooseYourRide #Slingshotkite #SSTv5 #kitesurfing 
Big thanks to @benjymarsden & Slingshot Kite UK Slingshot Kite#RIDEARTsports www.rideartsports.com